Couple Counselling

Not All is Lost

£70 per hour (First Session £60 per hour)

Couple Counselling

Every relationship goes through emotional or stressful periods, if you feel your relationship is getting out of balance, then relationship counselling may help with communication.


Often an impartial observer can help facilitate communication so that it doesn’t feel too emotional. We form a working alliance so that we can take an overview of what has been happening in your relationship and what you would both like to change.


We also look toward healing and repair for any hurt that that may have been caused by acknowledging feelings and taking responsibility. It is not all negative, it’s about active listening and looking at the positives too.


A counsellor doesn’t judge or take sides, but rather works alongside you to facilitate a mutual problem-solving atmosphere. I am trained in couple counselling and also in mediation and conflict resolution to advanced accredited levels (from my previous work in the NHS).